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Gym Boredom.

I started going to the gym months ago (maybe even over a year ago). I really got into it because my mental health was benefiting so much every single time I went. My body was slimming and I was just really enjoying challenging myself. I became proud of myself for pushing myself and my body, putting myself in a situation I used to feel anxious.

Recently, I have been getting bored of the gym. I have lost loads of weight and I calmed down loads because of my life sorting itself out. I don’t have the stress I did. The gym helped me through that stressful year, but I don’t have that kind of motivation any more.

I still go, less than I used to (about 1 or 2 times a week), and do the same old stuff. When I’m in there, I’m bored and want to leave earlier and sometimes I even start to feel anxious in there and have to breathe.

My gym’s very small, which I never minded before, but now it’s starting to bug me. It feels cramped, there are few machines, and it seems to be getting busier. I’m considering swapping gyms when my contract ends and going to a bigger one. I don’t know if that’ll make me go more, but it will definitely make me feel more comfortable.

Anyway, because I’ve been getting really bored at the gym, I decided to start yoga at home. I used to go to a Pilates class but I am no longer able to attended morning classes. After doing a session yesterday morning, I felt great. I did one of Adrienne’s sessions from her YouTube channel (Yoga with Adrienne) and I felt so much more energized after. I’m hoping I can fit it in somewhere. If I can’t keep it up at home, I may join a local class.

Let me know of any suggestions that you have about either spicing up gym time, rather than simply doing some cardio and weight training, or any exercises, classes, or sports that you’ve found really engaging.


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