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My Life is Back on Track!

Over the last few days, my life has gone from bad to unbelievable.

Yesterday, I received an offer to study Midwifery at my local university- the day after the interview! I also secured a job in a nursery, which I begin next week!

After such a terrible experience in October-January, I finally feel like I am on track. I am so excited to begin my job and to start my course in September. The job know about my course starting in September and will be able to give me hours in the holidays to suit.

I feel relieved. I’m relieved that I’ve definitely got a place in September to study the course I want to do, that I have got a job and an income in a delightful nursery (the people are so nice!), and that I have set up myself up for the future. With getting into my local university, I will be able to save up money throughout my studies and have the support of my mum throughout. The university only had less than 20 places for the course and I can’t believe I got one!

I have decided against moving to Canada, despite my last post, but instead to move to Germany after qualifying (potentially) if nothing is keeping me here. I used to live in Germany when I was a child and loved it. Any German I had learnt is gone, but I’ve invested in starting to learn German. Hopefully, by the end of my degree and a few holidays there, I’ll be on my way to being fluent.

Today, I held a 10 week old baby girl in my parent/baby group and it felt so right.

This is the happiest I have felt for a long time. I’ve never been more certain of myself and the decisions I have made.

Before now, I was in a bad place. I felt alone and helpless. I was lost. I was hurting from dropping out of the teaching course and felt like I’d let myself and everybody else down. Looking back, it was the best decision I have ever made.

If you’re in a horrible place like I was, just remember that you can get yourself out of it. You just need to believe in yourself and push past those negative thoughts. It does get better. In fact, I didn’t know what good was until now.


2 thoughts on “My Life is Back on Track!”

  1. Congratulations on being accepted into your Midwifery program! I am sorry that you won’t be joining us in Canada but we are sending love and positive vibes your direction. ❤


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